The Ultimate Guide to Sneaker Botting


The world of sneaker botting is constantly changing and if you want to be able to purchase your favorite shoes before others do, you must stay updated to every change that goes on in the world of sneaker botting. This is why in this post, we will tell you all you need to know about sneaker botting in 2021.

What Is Sneaker Botting?

Sneaker botting refers to using a computer bot to automate and optimize the purchasing process of a specific sneaker or limited-edition sneakers either from one website or multiple websites. Almost every sneakerhead anticipates the release of limited-edition sneakers online. Therefore, these sneakers are sold out within a matter of seconds to minutes when they are released. This is where sneaker bots come in, these bots monitor your favorite sneaker websites and automatically purchase the limited edition sneakers at an incredible rate faster than humans.

Sneaker and Botting Vocabulary

As a beginner, you must understand the terms used in the sneaker and sneaker botting world, to make it easy for you to understand what others say. In this section, we will run you through a couple of these vocabulary

AIO Bot: AIO stands for "All In One" and these bots are used to purchase sneakers from multiple websites at a time.
AWS: AWS stands for "Amazon Web Service" and this is one of the best virtual server providers that enhances the speed of your bot. It is preferred over other virtual server providers.
BRED: This refers to a black and red shoe colorway.
Brick: This refers to a shoe that is resold at a loss.
Captcha: This is a mechanism put in place by websites to help differentiate between traffic coming from bots and traffic coming from humans.
Colorway: This refers to using different unique color combinations to create different styles of the same sneaker model.
Cop: To acquire or buy a sneaker.
Cook Groups: A community or chatroom of resellers, buyers, sneakerheads, where vital information such as release date, reselling info and many more are released. These communities are usually found on Slack or Discord.
Datacenter Proxies: These provide a private IP and speed compared to residential proxies, however, they are likely to be blocked by websites.
Dead Stock: This refers to sneakers that are out of stock and can no longer be found in retail stores.
Delay: This is used to control the responses of bots to make them act like humans. These delays are usually in milliseconds.
Early Link: These are URLs released in cook groups, and these links give you early access to limited-edition sneakers before they are officially released.
Footsites: This is a collective name of platforms under the Footlocker brand, and it consists of the following websites, Footlocker, Eastbay, Kids Footlocker, Champs, and Footaction.
GCS: This stands for Google Cloud Service, and it is one of the most reliable virtual server services out there.
Group Buy (GB): This refers to exclusive deals at a discounted rate often for people of a specific cook group to purchase a bot, or proxies, or any tool used in the shoe botting world.
Monitor Delay: The rate at which a bot visits a page or website to check if a specific product or sneaker has been released.
OOS: This is an abbreviation for Out of Stock
Proxies: This refers to many virtual IP addresses assigned to each task of a bot to prevent websites from detecting that the traffic is coming from one bot.
Residential (Resi) Proxies: These are an alternative to DC proxies, they are much slower and cheaper.
Retry Delay: The rate at which a bot will re-execute a task when it encounters an error.
Server: A virtual computer (usually a super or mainframe computer broken up into various computers) with great features, and they allow you to run your bot at a much faster and efficient speed.
Sitelist: A list that contains all the details about when a specific site will drop a specific sneaker. This sitelist is released in the various cook groups.
WTB: An abbreviation for Want to buy. This is when you request to purchase a sneaker
WTS: An abbreviation of Want to sell. This is when you or another person wants to sell a sneaker
WTT: An abbreviation of Want to trade. This is when a person publishes an ad to trade their sneakers for another.

Types of Sneaker Bots


These types of bots are used to purchase sneakers from different website types. Unlike other bots that are built to purchase sneakers for just one website, these bots can perform the same function across different websites. For example, these bots can purchase sneakers from Adidas, DSM UK, DSM US, ChampSports, Kicks USA, Shopify, and many more.


These types of bots are used to purchase hyped sneakers and other items such as streetwear specifically from Shopify sites. These types of bots support websites like Bape, Dover Street Market, Kith, Undefeated, Bodega, FearOfGod, and many other sites.

Getting items from these Shopify sites can be difficult because Shopify stores released hyped and limited-edition sneakers, which is what everyone wants, and also, it is difficult to bot most Shopify stores, hence, the need for Shopify bots, These bots are expensive and precise and they get you to pass Shopify Queues with no hassle.

Supreme Bots

Supreme sites are one of the sites that run out of sneakers fast when the sneakers are released. This is why getting a supreme bot can help give you the leverage you need to cop a sneaker before it runs out. These bots have been in the system for quite a long time, and they have been growing in popularity every year because of how easy it is to use these bots to bot a Supreme website. 

Mesh Bots

Mesh sites are sites that give you the flexibility of purchasing limited-edition sneakers on both their website and Apps. Most mesh sites tend to release sneakers on their front-end website, from time to time, making it difficult for AIO bots to get sneakers from these sites. This includes sites like JD Sports, Size?, and Footpatrol. Due to the unique nature of most mesh websites, there are a few bots that can cop sneakers for you on a mesh site.

Footsite Bots

These are bots used to purchase limited-edition sneakers from sites like Footlocker, FootAction, East Bay, and Champs Sport. Most Footsites-only bots are primary AIO bots. One problem with Footsites is the chances of you having to wait for restocks are high because they easily cancel payment verifications from bots.

Demandware Bots

Just like Shopify, Demandware is an eCommerce platform that supports Adidas and YeezySupply. These sites use splash pages for their releases, and this means you will have to wait in line to cop a sneaker. Also, they have integrated Google ReCaptcha V3 to help them detect traffic coming from bots.

Raffle Bots

Most sneaker sites Shoe Palace, Naked, Shoe Politics, and other sites do raffles. And let's face it with so many sneakerheads out there, the chances of you winning a raffle is nearly impossible. Well, raffle bots optimize and automate any entry into sneaker raffles by automatically entering a large number of emails or any relevant info at a go, to increase your chances of winning the raffle.

Where to Buy Sneaker Bots?

You can purchase a bot from either of these platforms:

  • Didimarket
  • BotBroker
  • Splash Station
  • Bortmart
  • Tidal

You can purchase bots from marketplaces, however, you want to ensure that you always use a verified middleman for your transactions. Avoid doing deals in the DMs of sellers, and do not send any money or keys outside the marketplace's ticket.

The middleman verifies and transfers the bot's license key to you to prevent you from being scammed.

Where to Rent Sneaker Bots

Buying bots can be expensive, and if you do not have the upfront cost, then you can rent out a bot at a much affordable price point. We highly recommend bot rentals for beginners like you since it allows you to explore how to use bots or explore other drops without having to purchase a new bot at a hefty price. The periods with which you can rent out a bot are daily, weekly, and monthly.

How To Rent A Bot

When it comes to renting a bot, there are two ways you can go about it.

Renting Through Third-Party Websites

You can either rent them from sites like Tidal, Botmart, and Didimarket. With these sites you are guaranteed safety, and that you wouldn't get scammed. Due to this safety assurance, renting a bot using these platforms can be quite expensive than the other alternative. When you rent from these sites, you get guides, monitors for restocks, as well as, any important updates.

Renting From An Independent Renter

Alternatively, you have the option of renting for an independent renter at a much cheaper cost than you would if you were to use Tidal or any of the services mentioned above.

To get an independent renter, you can visit either Botmart or Tidal, You want to make sure that you pay to join their cook group. Once you get access to the Tidal group, you want to search for the "New Mention" tab, and beneath that tab, you will discover tons of sneaker bots you can choose from.

However, you want to note that just like buying a bot from a middleman, you could get scammed by some people. However, to prevent you from getting scammed, you can easily hover your mouse over the seller's name, and you would see the number of sales they have made and completed. And you want to choose a renter who has made quite a several sales.

How The Renting Process Works

The whole renting process is simple, once you pay the amount for the period you want to rent the bot, the renter would send you all the tools you need such as the download link to help you download the bot onto your PC, the license key to give you access to the bot, tools, and guides to help you set up and use the bot correctly.

Once your usage period has expired, all the owner has to do is reset the key, and you wouldn't be able to access the bot anymore.

Cook Groups

These groups are groups on Discord where they provide information on reselling, botting, monitors, release guides, discounts, and early links as well. Getting into a cooking group is essential if you want to be successful with bots.

Joining these cook groups could cost you between $20 to $60 per month. However, there are high-end cook groups that can cost you much more. All I recommend is that you start with a lower-tier cook group, and slowly work your way up to the high-end ones. To choose a good cook group or even find proxies, all you want to do is visit twitter and then you see the cook groups other sneakerheads are recommending and giving shout-outs to.

Task And Proxies

Bots function in terms of tasks, and when a bot executes one task, it means it is executing one function. So, if a box executes three tasks it means it is executing three functions. You want to think of tasks like people trying to buy sneakers. So, if a bot is set to 15 tasks you can think of it as 15 people ordered to buy a sneaker(s).

This means the higher the tasks a bot executes the better your chances of copping one or more shoes. While running a task is a good idea, you want to make sure that you run tasks smartly. Because the higher the number of tasks you execute, the more RAM the bot consumes. And if you aren't careful and you run more tasks than your computer can handle, you would end up blowing up or crashing your machine.

Besides crashing your computer, not having a proxy in place and running multiple tasks can cause these sneaker sites to ban traffic coming from your bot. This is because there will be a limitation on the number of tasks you can run. You can get blocked if you do not have a proxy tool in place. Because the website can detect that the multiple incoming traffic is coming from a bot.

Well, this is where proxies come into play. Proxies assign each task you want to execute a different IP address, to make it look like the traffic is coming from different computer networks. Thereby drastically reducing the chance of getting blocked.

There are two types of proxies, datacenter or ISP proxies, and residential proxies. Datacenter proxies are faster than residential proxies making them more expensive. Due to how fast datacenter proxies are, they can help you cop sneakers quickly, however, they can be detected easily, hence getting your tasks blocked. With residential proxies, you buy a data plan such as a 4Gb plan, a 10Gb plan, and so on. However, datacenter proxies are purchased in quantities or packs of 15, 20, or 50.

You want to use ISP or DC proxies on sites where speed is needed to cop sneakers, and some of these sites include Shopify and Supreme. And you can use your residential on sites where speed isn't a big factor, and some of these sites include YeezySupply or Footsite.


In case you want to run multiple tasks or multiple bots and your computer can't support such tasks, then getting a server can help you with that. A server is a computer in the cloud that you can connect to, to run your bots much faster. When you connect to a server, you get to use their internet, RAM, and storage to run your bots, which makes them run much faster.

Running servers isn't that expensive, so, to ensure that you have a great botting experience, you can run one bot per server, and it will only cost you about one bot an hour.

The most recommended server providers are AWS and Google Cloud Service, and these services offer you either a pay-as-you-go service or a monthly subscription service.

Captchas, Harvesters, and Gmail

Captchas are a layer of protection put in place by websites to block bots from getting access to these websites. To counter or bypass captchas, most bots come with a harvester which enables you to pre-solve these captchas to help your bot get past them.

There are three types of solver:

  • Checkpoint: Checkpoint is used to solve Shopify captchas.
  • V6: This is the solver you want to use for YeezySupply.
  • V2: This is used to solve Shopify, Supreme, and Footsites captchas. 

Captchas are controlled by Google, hence to get access to the captcha solver accounts labeled above, you need a Gmail account. The more credible your Google account is the easier captchas you get. The credibility of Google accounts has to do with how old your Gmail account is. So, the older the account, the more credible it is, and the easier captchas your bot will encounter, and vice versa.

There is an option for proxies when it comes to captchas, and the key here is you want to assign one solver to one proxy, do not want to assign more than one solver to a proxy.

Bot Restocks

Bots sell out faster than sneakers sometimes, because people purchase them and rent them out, which is a profitable business. This situation makes it difficult for you to purchase a bot. However, with a bot restock, you can track when bots are available and then purchase them.

These bots automatically add shoes to the cart or check sneakers or other bots out at a much faster pace. They keep searching for the sneaker or bot you want to cop several times on the website, and once the sneaker or bots are released, they automatically and swiftly add it to the cart and check it out. These are some of the most advanced bots available.


Delay is a term that defines how often your task checks the site to see if the sneaker you want is released to enable your bot to cop a sneaker, or add it to the cart or check it out. The delay of a bot is measured in milliseconds, So, if your bot has a delay of 7000, this means that in every 7 seconds, your task is checking or revisiting the site.

If your delays are low, which means your tasks will be checking the site at a much faster pace, then the website becomes suspicious and then blocks the proxy. On the other hand, if you set your delays too high, this means your tasks will take much time to execute, which can cause you to miss out on copping with your favorite sneakers.

So, you want to make sure that you set your delay to match that of the site you are running. This is because the delay of Shopify is different from the delay of Supreme. So, you want to do your research on what delay is optimum for the site you want to visit.

Billing Info and Jigging

Your billing info is a crucial part of sneaker botting because this is the information the bot will use to purchase the sneaker. The information needed for the bot to make a purchase includes:

  • Your Email
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Credit Card or Debit Card info.
  • Home Address.

Well, if you are executing multiple tasks, you do not want to assign the same billing information to every task, you want to make sure that the billing information of each task is different. Because when the website realizes that all the orders from the tasks you assigned to each bot have the same address, it will cancel the order. So, having multiple personalities can help you avoid this.

One way to have multiple personalities is through a process known as jigging. The goal with jigging is to vary your name or other billing information. For example, you can use nicknames for other tasks, a friend's name, or you can slightly change the spelling of your name. For your home address, you can abbreviate terms such as Road to rd or be less specific when filling out one address, and be more specific when filling out another address. For example, you can write your address using the following variants:

  • 423 Greenville St.
  • 423 Greenville Aprt 67.
  • Conor's Drive, 423 Green Ville Strt.
  • Or any relevant variations

For your email address, you can use a catchall email address. For your credit card, you can purchase virtual credit cards through sites like Revolut or Privacy. You want to make sure that each billing profile has its credit card. So, if you have 15 profiles, then you should have 15 credit cards. Having 20 billing profiles is a great way to start as a beginner, and with sites like privacy, you can get up to 36 cards per month.


When it comes to sneaker botting, you should now be fully armed with all the tools you need for success. If you want to improve your chances even more, then you should check out our premium bot: NIKE SNKRS BOT, which combines our elite algorithm with accessibility to dozens of countries, there’s simply no better option on the market.